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Give Your Clothing a Longer Lifespan

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Give Your Clothing a Longer Lifespan

Do you want a longer lifespan for you clothing? If the answer is yes - then Dry Cleaning is going to help you to achieve it! Let's explore some of the reasons why:

  • Dry cleaning is less abrasive than washing machines! Some fabrics can be very sensitive to being immersed in water, or being subjected to heat or agitation. However, dry cleaning machines tumble clothing more slowly and does not use water which means delicate fabrics will see less wear and tear!
  • Dry cleaning helps preserve your fabrics natural qualities. We usually think about tearing or shrinking when considering damage from machine washing, but it can also affect other properties of fabric like the color and the texture. The gentle products used by a dry cleaner are going to help pressure the color and texture of delicate fabrics like wool.
  • Dry cleaning tackles tough stains and can dissolve most oils, odors and stains. This is because the solvents used in the dry cleaning process will penetrate deep into the fabrics helping to lift stains without the need for rough scrubbing.