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Is It Time to Dry Clean Your Comforter?

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Is It Time to Dry Clean Your Comforter?

How often do you clean your comforter? If you are like most people then the answer is probably not often enough! The trouble is, comforters are big and bulky, so it is not always easy to clean them yourself! However, it is not a job that should be skipped.

  • Did you know? We sweat a minimum of 200ml a night
  • We also shed our dead skin constantly and this builds up in our bedding
  • Dead dust mites might also be present in your comforter

As we move into Fall, it is the perfect time to think about cleaning your comforter and all of your other bulky bedding items like blankets, quilts and sheets. Don't force them into your small home washer and risk breaking it! Stop by Farragut's number one dry cleaner and we'll take care of it all for you!